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Path to Peak helps organizations and educators build engaging, industry-informed leadership development programming, workforce and employee engagement opportunities, and upskilling programs to support career and leadership readiness at all levels of the

employment pipeline.

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From supporting curriculum design to providing input on existing courses and programs, let's work together to ensure that what your students learn in the classroom is readily applicable in the world of work.


Program design

Internships, mentoring, + capstone projects. Co-curricular + experiential learning programs take an education from good to great. Let me help you design a program that fits your needs and sets your students up for success.


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Hi, I'm Kristen. I'm the former director of the Outdoor Industry Association's Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy, and a driving force behind the creation and launch of OIA's Outdoor Industry Business Certificate Program. I’ve spent my career at the intersection of education and industry, helping people plan for, pursue, and thrive in meaningful career paths. When I joined the outdoor industry a few years ago, I quickly fell in love with the people, passion, and sense of purpose that make this industry unique. But it's also those qualities that can make designing robust career education, leadership training, and experiential learning programs for this community so challenging. I can help.


With 13+ years of combined experience in higher education and the outdoor industry, I help educators blend the best of both worlds to create high-impact, industry-aligned education and co-curricular programs that produce career-ready graduates.

Get in touch and let's explore how I can help your program today.



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